Looking for the best sewing machine?

I may not be an authority on sewing machines but based on my few years I have tried my hands on a few models and had an amazing experience. What really stood out was a computerized sewing and quilting machines. Here are the reasons I stuck with it and why I rank it as one of the best sewing machines around:
A good sewing machine ought not to have issues with thread tension common in many brands today and also have less built in which is limiting to a creative tailor like me. When it comes to creative use of fancy stitches on hems, I love a machine with perfect amount of stitches which are classic and easy to adjust.
A computerized machine that lights, beeps and gives a clear diagram of the stitches makes it easy for me to understand and adjust. It should have a needle threader which saves a lot of time as there is no trimming or licking threads!

For a machine to be considered among my best sewing machines, it must have a drop-in bobbin that isn’t picky about the various bobbin shapes, be it rounded ones, or metal straight ones. Any should work fine. This comes in handy when you want to change thread colors. A good machine ought to handle thick fabrics like denim comfortably, slippery fabrics or thin knits.

I love a machine that can withstand hour after hour of use, only needing an occasional servicing. Creating button-holes should be a breeze with a good machine. Either it does it automatically or I do it manually with customized stitches.


The best sewing machine comes with a little plug so you can use big spools of thread .In back-stitching, having a reverse button that locks the stitch automatically instead of pulling a lever helps as I don’t have to guess the back-stitching needed..

A machine have many features may make your work easier but then you want a machine that doesn’t bog you down. Lastly evaluate your sewing requirements and your budget. Test the various models available to you to find out what works for you best. Once you have done your research well, you should comes to the best quilt sandwich, bear in mind stitch quality and the ability to perform bulky seams. There is a large online quilting communities which you can also look up for other resourceful recommendations.