Finding The Best Cooking Knives

I began cooking at an early age, 4 or 5 years to be somewhat exact, and my mother would allow me to use one of those old dull pairing knives for chopping and cutting. There were a few nicked fingers, with no one realizing that a dull knife is a dangerous knife that takes more work and too much control than a finely honed knife.


Those old knives stayed in our kitchen, and heading to university, it was down to Woolworths back then, to find a cheap but good set of cooking knives if there ever was such a thing. Forget those forged steel knives from Europe, it was a five and dime store special package that gave me a whole set of the best kitchen knives.

The knives held their edge for all of one week, but they did last until my first job, and my first foray into buying a real set of the best cooking knives.

The Ultimate

Stepping into a real knife store, I was astounded by the best kitchen knives selection and the prices. Luckily, I had the one objective in mind, to treat myself to the best cooking knives that my money could buy.

Amazing, there were knives from Europe, there was Sheffield Steel, bone handled and hand forged knives from the United States, and better than those chop suey knives you may see on late night television, there were the best that Japan could make.

How could I Choose?

The best cooking knives were all there, staring at me. My hands started to shake, and I even salivated. This was the ultimate for an amateur “chef” to be able to absorb all there was to see and touch.

The Decision

The decision came down to what felt right in my hand. The best cooking knives were not only a thing of beauty, but of balance. They sparkled and attracted me like a fish to a silver spoon. But in the end, I made the decision to buy the best cooking knives for me.

It is now 35 years later, and those knives have been on two continents and in 5 different countries with me, and they are still my best cooking knives.

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