My Personal Experience When Shopping For A Cookware Set

I had completed relocating to a new spacious house and wanted to spruce up my kitchen. When found it cumbersome because I realized that the number of cookware set brands in the market continues to increase everyday. Also, there are many fantastic materials which cookware sets are made of and among the most popular cookware sets to buy are cast iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. What confused me more is the clad-style cookware style, especially where the cooking set is made of different metals. Also discovered that the price of different brands varied considerably and wanted to buy a set that is within my budget range.

I decided on a material that’s easy to clean and which conducts heat much easier. I also wanted a material which is coated with a non-stick material or finish, I’m considering the Rachael Ray brand. Nonetheless, I wanted a cookware which I can wash by hand. After checking around, I discovered that there are several brands that meet these requirements. Moreover, my preference was on cookware sets that have lids.


I found some with durable and hard to break glass lids while others had either stainless steel or aluminum lids. Because I wanted cost effective options, I discovered that buying complete cookware sets could help me save on costs. Even if I ended up having more saucepans that I needed, I could still buy such things as skillets or others that I don’t have.

Interestingly, I also found out that heavier cookware are much better in terms of heat conduction (Related article: Cookware materials and heat conductivity). However, not every thick option in the market would give me a great cooking experience. It was goof for me to ensure that I avoid lightweight and very thin pieces. I wanted a cookware set which is pretty comfortable and which gives a good grip. Also, handles which have been riveted into the pan offer more durability than those which have been screwed or glued on.